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Leaf Gelatin Sheets

Leaf Gelatin Sheets
Leaf Gelatin Sheets
Product Code : LGS-05
Product Description

Gelatin is a protein and in aqueous solutions is a hydrophilic colloid. Gelatin derived from an acid-treated precursor is known as type A, and gelatin derived from an alkali treated precursor is known as type B.Leaf Gelatin, also called Sheet Gelatin, works like granular gelatin found in your local grocery store, but in a different form. Rather than a powder, it is takes the shape of thin sheets or leaves of gelatin film. The sheets dissolve more slowly than the granulated form, but also produce a clearer gelled product.


  • Soak sheets of gelatin in a bowl of cold/iced water for 5-10 minutes. (Use about 1 cup/250ml of cold water per sheet.)
  • Once soft, lift sheets from the cold water.
  • Remove and squeeze out excess water gently.
  •  Add directly to warm preparations or separately heat and dissolve to be added to cold preparations.  
  •  Chill finished preparation for at least 8 hours.